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Mental Imagery Process

Mental imagery as defined in the Epstein Mental Imagery Model is the method of using the power of imagination for healing.

Mental imagery is the mind communicating in imagery, which is the natural and true language of inner life. It shows a new way to look at our daily life experience for us to be able to change our habitual responses to our benefit. Mental imagery is the language of no-time, of the now, and as such, offers a method for change that can occur in an instant using our techniques. The image jolts the person's system, explodes the limiting, ingrained patterns, and permits new directions to emerge unimpeded that alter physiology, perceptions, and philosophy of life.

The Power-Imagery Profile and Process is designed to tailor the mental imagery exercises for you personally, combined with our Power Plan Process to take you through a 3-step 21-day mental imagery training journey to your newly discovered Power.

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